Espresso Machine Experts: Simple Troubleshooting Tips for Espresso Machine Issues

When it comes to a barista-made coffee business, it is important to be ready to face future espresso machine problems and never stand in between the way of a nicely brewed coffee and your customer. The heart of your business involves creating the perfect coffee blends for your customers, but maintaining and repairing an espresso machine has a fair share of issues and challenges. What are the top coffee-making problems and the troubleshooting tips to help you deal with them?

1. A thin espresso produced of watery or oily shots is not good. You have in inspect the coffee beans' production date because they will lack the right viscosity if they were roasted and sealed over three weeks. A thin espresso may also result from a wrong temperature and coffee level.  click here for more.

2. A very thin crema or no crema at all is a strong indication that something is not right with your espresso machine. If the coffee beans are too fresh, just allow the beans to settle after you roast them. Take note that uses the coffee beans within 21 days after roasting.

3. Slow coffee production or customers complaining of long waits for their order is a big problem. A customer should not wait for more than five minutes. Provide training to new hires so they can serve fast if the issue is not on the machine. more at

4. Issues with the water filters. Dirt espresso machine can damage your business. Always ensure that you are using the right type of filtered water to prevent this problem. The build-up of coffee scales in your espresso machine can be expensive.

Always store your coffee beans in cool and dark place using an airtight container to avoid souring. It is best to save the number of the coffee machine manufacturer and roaster on your phone or directory. Train your staff to contact you right away should there be issues with the coffee machine. Allow a professional espresso machine repair specialist to help you.

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